SPRING 2018 (April 4 - mAY 30)

Childcare and Bible learning activities provided for infants through teenagers.



Culture in Chaos
Pastor Phil Winfield | Worship Center | 7:00 PM
Do you even know the United States anymore? Does it seem like we went to sleep in America and woke up in an unrecognizable, pagan place? Did you ever think you would live to see what you see today? Join Pastor Phil to see what the right response for a Christian to the culture really should be. We can’t hide; we can't run; we can make a difference!

Grace Church Choir
Pastor Marty Kelly | WC117 | 7:00 PM
The Grace Choir exists to help lead our congregation in weekly worship and celebration services. Musical skill is welcome, but more important is a heart to serve God through music and worship. Come join us as we prepare  music for special Sundays as well as for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. No audition is necessary, just a warm heart and a willingness to use your singing for God’s glory!

Core Track

Jesus Among Secular Gods (Apologetics & Worldviews) (Required)*
Pastor Shawn Kinnison | WC119 | 7:00 PM
As belief in the secular gods of atheism, hedonism, relativism, and humanism continues to grow, it’s more important than ever for believers to be able to defend and share the claims of Christ. This DVD-led Bible study helps seekers explore the claims of Christ and provides Christians with the knowledge to articulate their faith that Jesus stands tall above all other gods. Workbook: $13

Parenting Is Heart Work** (Elective)
Greg & Christy Long , Bart & Karen Baker | WC114 | 7:00 PM
While you might be able to influence how your children act, real change has to take place in their hearts. This DVD-led study gives you practical tools to get into your children’s hearts to help rearrange what they believe and motivate them in the right direction. Book: $7.

Lord, Change My Attitude...Before It’s Too Late! (Elective)***
Pastor Kirby VanNausdle | WC118 | 7:00 PM
An attitude of complaining altered an 11-day journey to the promised land to 40 years of wandering and death. God has much to say about our attitudes. This study will provide a biblical solution to transform our attitudes from those that dishonor God, disrupt our fellowship with Him, and hinder our spiritual growth to those that please and honor Him. Book discussed at first session.


The Journey
Sherri Miller | WC115 | 7:00 PM
Whether you are a new believer or mature believer, discipleship is an opportunity for growth. You will have the privilege of learning God's Word in smaller groups and growing new friendships. Please join us to continue your journey to know Christ!

Sermon on the Mount (Jen Wilkin)
Leah Fry & Sheila Kelly | ED106 | 7:00 PM
You may have studied various parts of the world’s most famous sermon—The Sermon on the Mount. But what if we navigated these three chapters as they were originally heard: as one cohesive, well-ordered message, intended to challenge us to think differently about repentance, salvation, and sanctification? This study does just that. Seat yourself on a mountainside to learn at the feet of Jesus. Ask for ears to hear and a heart to respond to the teaching of our King. Workbook: $15.


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