WINTER 2019 (JAN. 9 - Apr. 3)

Childcare and Bible learning activities provided for infants through teenagers.



Little People with Big Impact
Pastor Phil Winfield | Worship Center | 7:00 PM
“Just who was Ebed-melech? What did he do that was so heroic?” Beginning in January, I am going to look at some of the little and obscure people in the Bible and discover why they appear on its pages. Ebed-melech is just one of many characters from the Old and New Testament that came on the stage of history for only a moment or two, yet made a tremendous impact. Do you want to make a difference as well? Do you want your life to count? Join me as we meet some very interesting people and gain some great insight into what it means to stand up when everyone else is “standing down.” Materials provided in class.

Grief Share
Dennis Bradley & Kim McCarl | WC119 | 6:45 PM
Have you lost someone close to you?  Do you have times when you feel like you are drowning in your grief or that sadness is overwhelming you? At Grief Share, you will learn valuable information about recovering from your grief and renewing your hope for the future. The Grief Share Workbook will be available in class ($15).

Grace Church Choir
Marty Kelly | WC117 | 7:00 PM
The Grace Church Choir exists to help lead our congregation in weekly worship and celebration services. Come join the Choir as we will be preparing music for special Sundays, the Missions Conference, and the “Christmas Sweet” presentation in December. No audition is necessary, just a warm heart and a willingness to use your singing for God’s glory!

Core Track

You Can Trust the Bible
Pastor Greg Long | WC120 | 7:00 PM
Aren’t there a lot of contradictions in the Bible? What about the “lost Gospels” and other books that we don’t have in our Bibles? Weren’t a lot of errors made as the Bible was copied through the centuries? How did we get the Bibles we have today? Why are there so many different Bible versions? Join us as we address these and other questions about the Bible. Book (optional): $12.


The Politically Incorrect Wife
Bonnie Winfield | WC114 | 7:00 PM
Just what is a politically incorrect wife? She is a woman who is married to her husband and not to popular American culture. The politically incorrect wife does not buy into the stifling modern-day thinking that says, "Look out for number one. Treat your husband no better than he treats you." Instead, she cultivates a joyful marriage using transformational spiritual principles. Come move confidently beyond the picket lines of the politically correct into a warm, rewarding marriage. Book: $13.

The Journey
Sherri Miller  & Angela Moulton | ED106 | 7:00 PM
Whether you are a new believer or mature believer, discipleship is an opportunity for growth. You will have the privilege of learning God's Word in smaller groups and growing new friendships. Please join us to continue your journey to know Christ! For more information, contact Sherri at shers48@yahoo.com.


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