FALL 2018 (September 5 - December 19)

Childcare and Bible learning activities provided for infants through teenagers (except on Tuesday nights).



Grace Church Choir
Marty Kelly | WC117 | 7:00 PM
The Grace Church Choir exists to help lead our congregation in weekly worship and celebration services. Come join the Choir as we will be preparing music for special Sundays, the Missions Conference, and the “Christmas Sweet” presentation in December. No audition is necessary, just a warm heart and a willingness to use your singing for God’s glory!

Core Track

Disciplemaking through the Power of Relationships
Phil Winfield | Worship Center | 7:00 PM
“Make disciples,” the Lord Jesus commanded just before He rose through the clouds to return to His place at the Father’s side. We call that the “Great Commission.” There is no more urgent command given in the Scriptures, yet many believers seldom or even never make an intentional effort to obey it. “I don’t know how,” “I don’t know where,” and “I don’t know what the first steps are,” are all thoughts that flood our minds when we even bring up the subject of disciple-making. Let’s see how God has equipped and enabled every believer to move along the lines of their relationships to evangelize and make disciples. The people of your life need you to hear these principles.
Materials provided in class.

The Truth Project (Del Tackett)
Dan Klopfer & Steve Miller | WC114 | 6:45 PM
What is truth? How can you defend it to your neighbor who says, “That may be true for you, but not for me”? The Truth Project is a DVD-led curriculum in which Dr. Del Tackett helps you look at life from a biblical perspective. Each lesson discusses the importance of living the Christian worldview in daily life. Materials provided in class.

Quieting a Noisy Soul: Overcoming Guilt, Anxiety, Anger, & Despair
Greg Long | WC115 | 7:00 PM
Jesus said, “Come to me...and you will find rest for your souls.” Is your soul at rest, or is it in turmoil due to anger, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, and so on? Come hear biblical insights on why you are experiencing these problems, as well as biblical strategies for battling them. Book (recommended): $25.


The Names of God
Bonnie Winfield | WC120 | 7:00 PM
What's in a name? When the Bible speaks of God, the name used holds more significance than you ever knew. We are commanded to honor the name of God, but to do that adequately, we must understand the inherit greatness of the names which God uses to refer to himself. Ken Hemphill takes the reader through an in-depth devotional study of the names of God, teaching the significance of each name and the keys it possesses to growing us in relationship with God. God's names are not only our protection but also reveal the very nature of God himself. This is why we are to honor his name. Join us as we grow in relationship with Him by learning His names and reflecting on their meaning. Book: $6.

Entrusted (Beth Moore)
Heather Wharff | ED106 | 7:00 PM
In this 7-week, DVD-led Bible study of 2 Timothy, Beth will encourage you to guard what God has entrusted to you, further His kingdom by sharing Christ with others, and pour into future generations just as Paul once mentored Timothy. In this journey of joy and hardship, we need each other to stay the course and live lives of faithfulness. Book: $13.


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