SPRING 2018 (JUNE 6 - AUGUST 22)

Childcare and Bible learning activities provided for infants through teenagers (except on Tuesday nights).



Proverbs: Practical Life Skills
Phil Winfield & Greg Long | Worship Center | 7:00 PM
“Life skills.” Have you heard that term? Life skills are skills you need to make the most out of life. Being smart and having life skills is not the same thing. The Bible term for “life skills” is wisdom, and the book of Proverbs is designed to help us understand and acquire wisdom. Join us as we study Proverbs using a topical approach. Materials provided in class.

Lord, Change My Attitude...Before It’s Too Late!
Kirby VanNausdle | WC114 | 7:00 PM
An attitude of complaining altered an 11-day journey to the promised land to 40 years of wandering and death. God has much to say about our attitudes. This study will provide a biblical solution to transform our attitudes from those that dishonor God, disrupt our fellowship with Him, and hinder our spiritual growth to those that please and honor Him. Book discussed at first session.

Chris Hotchkiss | WC115 | 6:45 PM
There aren’t many people who understand the pain that separation and divorce bring. You’re not alone! DivorceCare will help you experience healing from anger, depression, and loneliness, and help you discover God’s hope and healing. Class workbook $15.

Core Track (SUNDAY)

Parenting Is Heart Work (Elective)
Greg & Christy Long | ED106 | Sundays at 6:00 PM | Starts June 10
While you might be able to influence how your children act, real change has to take place in their hearts. This DVD-led study gives you practical tools to get into your children’s hearts to help rearrange what they believe and motivate them in the right direction. Book: $7.


Drawing Near to God Through the Psalms
Jessica Hilton | ED106 | 7:00 PM
The Psalms offer incredible comfort during times of trouble, doubt, and defeat as they become our heart cry to the Lord for help and hope. God also reveals His own heart and mind to us through the Psalms. Join us as we spend a summer drawing near to God through the Psalms, in order to know Him better and praise Him more and more. Materials provided in class.


Expound the Word (Core Track Elective)
Phil Winfield | ED101 | Tuesdays at 6:00 PM | 8/7-10/9
Men, if you would like to teach and/or preach God’s Word, this class is for you! We’ll use a hands-on approach to preparing, developing, and delivering biblical sermons or messages that will connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Book $25. 



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