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Answers in Genesis Conference

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Why does Grace Church believe that God created the entire universe in six, literal, 24-hour days, in spite of what appears to be an overwhelming consensus regarding the “fact” of evolutionism among scientists, the media, and even many Christian leaders and educators? What does the Bible actually say? Is there any reason to doubt that evolutionism is true? Is there any evidence for creationism? Our upcoming Answers Conference will provide answers to those questions in order to help you believe and defend the biblical account of the world’s origins. It is free and open to anyone to attend.

We are pleased to be joined once again by speaker Bryan Osborne. As an expert in the use of exciting, apologetics-based evangelism and chronological Bible teaching, this former athlete connects with audiences through real-life stories and facts that confirm the truth of the Bible. Bryan has earned a bachelor of arts in biblical studies and a master’s degree in education. For 13 years he boldly and enthusiastically taught Bible history in a public school system in Tennessee, and for 20 years he has helped youth and young adults in the local church to know and defend their faith. Bryan’s giftedness as a communicator and his passion for revealing the truth of God’s Word are obvious and contagious!

Sunday, August 25

  • 8:30 AM & 10:30 AM: The Genesis of the Gospel

  • 6:00 PM: Do Animals Evolve? Dispelling the Confusion

  • 7:10 PM: The Age of the Earth--Trusting Man’s Ideas or God’s Word

Monday, August 26

  • 6:30 PM: One Blood, One Race, One Savior

  • 7:40 PM: Tracing the Gospel through His-story

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Answers in Genesis Conference
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Fall Family Festival