The God-man

Jesus is both fully God and fully man. Theologians call him the God-man. This is an amazing reality and one that can at times be difficult to grasp either on one side or the other.

In John 5, Jesus makes clear who he was - the Son of God. The Jews at the time knew this meant that he was making himself equal with God.


As awesome and full of meaning as the divinity of Christ is for us, I think sometimes, as Christians in the 21st century, we don’t think long enough or deep enough on the humanness of Jesus.

David Mathis says this about the humanity of Jesus:

 “Not only did the Son of God have — and still has — a fully human body, but also a fully human mindheart, and will.”

 John Calvin said “Christ has put on our feelings along with our flesh.”

 Because he is fully man in addition to being fully God, we can look to him confidently as THE example of how men should act, think, love, and be. Let’s take time this week to think about the humanity of Jesus as we begin to look more closely at how he lived and acted.


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