Kids, join us for our summer Bible-reading challenge!
See the details below and pick up your booklet at church to get started.


Quick Facts

  • All kids finishing K-5th grade are invited to the Bible-reading challenge.

  • The challenge is to read the book of Genesis between June 2 and August 10.

  • Track your progress in this booklet and on the chart at church.

  • Show your booklet to Pastor Brien before or after church (Sunday/Wednesday).

  • Receive a prize for every ten chapters read.


  • Parents are encouraged to read the passages with their kids.

  • Kids may only begin the next challenge on or after the designated date.

  • Answer all questions in each section (parents may help!).

  • Once each section is completed, parents should sign off at the bottom.

  • After prizes are chosen, they may not be traded in.

Helpful Tips

  • Pray before you read, asking God to help you understand.

  • Read one chapter each day (Monday-Friday) and catch up when you need to.

  • Pick a time and place that works best for you to read.

  • Read slow enough so you can understand what is going on.

  • Check off the boxes as you go and use a bookmark to keep your page.