PLEASE NOTE: Online Giving goes directly to the General Fund and cannot be directed to a specific fund. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Kirby at (515) 265-0199 or 

How do I change my giving settings?

  1. Sign in
  2. Giving > My Scheduled Giving
  3. Manage Payment Methods > Add New Payment Method

NOTE: Many appreciate knowing a transaction fee is received by the appropriate financial institution when using your debit or credit card. Your giving record will reflect the gross amount of your gift while the church receives the net amount. If you set your payment type to checking and enter your account number and routing number, the gross amount of your gift will be received by the church.

Is online giving secure?
Yes and Grace Church does not share your personal information.

When are gifts processed?
Gifts are processed each business day, which is defined as a calendar day other than a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday.

If I don’t write checks, how do I update my checkbook balance?
Your contribution is made on a pre established day, so you can deduct it from your checkbook on that day.

What if I want to cancel or change my online giving?
Please see “How do I change my giving settings” as shown above.

Will my online gifts be included on my Statement of Contributions?
Yes, they will be included.

Can I view my giving history online?
Yes, once you have set up a profile, you can then access your online giving history as well as make other changes to your giving profile.

How can I get a receipt of my online gift?
You may print out your confirmation screen as your receipt, or you may also print out the confirmation email which is sent to you. Either is considered a valid receipt. But remember, your gift will also appear on your regular statement of contributions.

My question is not listed here, whom should I contact?
Please email your question to our Administration Pastor, Kirby VanNausdle, at