Young Adult Ministry

On Mission Together

We are a ministry of Grace Church committed to helping college-age students, young professionals, and young married couples live all of life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our central conviction is this: a life well lived is one lived in relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the King of glory and grace. He is very God of very God. He is God for man and man for God. He is the prophet who teaches, the priest who intercedes, and the king who rules, and we want young adults in Des Moines and beyond to know Him. This passion drives everything we do as a ministry. We would love for you to join us!

College Connection

A college-age student is anyone roughly between the ages of 18-22, whether enrolled in college or not. This is a critical time in life where questions are explored and decisions are made. We aim to equip college-age students to make disciples with the Word, in relationships. Besides Sunday morning worship, our other gatherings are 6:00 PM on Sunday evenings in room 104 and 7:00 PM on Wednesday evenings in room 101. All college-age students are welcome to join.

Ethos: Life Together

A young professional is anyone roughly between the ages of 23-30. This life stage is further defined as those who have graduated from college and/or have started their careers. This is a time of transition; we can graduate and find ourselves in a new place, surrounded by new people. Grace Church aims to be a spiritual home during this time. Besides Sunday morning worship, our main gathering is on at 7:00 PM on Wednesday evenings in room 102. If you are in this life stage, we would love for you to join us.

Young Married Couples

A young married couple is a husband and wife in their first 5 to 8 years of marriage. This is a critical time for any couple, and we aim to come alongside and help. Besides Sunday morning worship, we also offer pre and post-martial counseling (message Pastor Matt Agee), and a Sunday morning small group specifically designed for this life stage at 10:30 AM in room 105. You can also message Pastor Matt about this opportunity.

Ministry Contact

I would love to help you get connected at Grace Church through young adult ministry.   Myself or one of our young adults would love to sit down with you for coffee or lunch and to help you take your next steps.  Reach out! 


Pastor Matt Agee

(515) 265-0199
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